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EFL181 - 205 Ah EP Equipment

Forklift type: Electric forklift
Lifting capacity, kg: 1800
Mast: Triplex
Lifting height, mm: 4800
Lowered height, mm: 2150
Country: China
Accessories: Side shift
Battery: Ličio jonų 48v, 205 Ah
Charger: Stacionary
Weight, kg: 3220
Year: New, 2022
Length x width x height, cm: 201 X 108 X 215


About EFL serie

EP EQUIPMENT  has introduced innovative forklift trucks with lithium - ion batteries on 2020. The EFL series forklifts combine the advantages of diesel and electric forklifts. The truck has a strong chassis, larger wheels, and a comfortable cabin, and the diesel engine has been replaced by a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery and electric motor.

The EFL series forklifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The truck's large wheels and strong chassis ensure safe and comfortable operation on the uneven road or in adverse weather conditions.

The main advantages of EFL series forklifts:

-        Lithium-ion batteries ensure easy and inexpensive operation of the forklift.

-        Lithium-ion batteries do not require special maintenance.

-        Fast charging time.

-        The forklift's large wheels ensure safe and easy operation on the uneven road.

The main advantages of forklift EFL181:

-        Capacity of 1800 kg.

-        Li-ion battery  48v, 205Ah.

-        Integrated charger - all you have to do is go to the standard 220 V socket and connect the charger cable. No special loading bay/room is required !!!

-        Fully charged battery life: 6 h.

-        Battery charging time: 4 h.

-        Large wheels ensure good operation on uneven roads.

-        Small turning radius.

-        Warranty for the truck is 24 months or 1000 moto hours.




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