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1 EFL302 EP Equipment

Forklift type: Electric forklift
Lifting capacity, kg: 3000
Mast: Triplex
Lifting height, mm: 4500
Year: New
Country: China
Lowered height, mm: 2180
Weight, kg: 4100
Forks, mm: 1070
Accessories: Side shift
Length x width x height, cm: 271 x 123 x 218
Battery: Ličio jonų 48V, 205 Ah


The EFL302 aims to combine advantages from internal combustion trucks. Replacing the diesel engine is a 205Ah Li-Ion battery, allowing the EFL302 to benefit from a large operator compartment, large wheels ,and a strong chassis at a great price. The Li-Ion battery and electric motors help to lower carbon footprints, maintenance costs and increase efficiency.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, the truck is a perfect asset to operations involving handling beverages, logistics and construction materials.

The EFL302 design was based on the proven platform of existing diesel trucks and refitted to use modern lithium-ion technology. As a result, EP has created a truck which caters to traditional requirements by ICE Forklift operators, while employing all the benefits of lithium-ion technology to save on maintenance costs and running costs. This truck symbolises the future of plant handling equipment, as it is a direct representation of retrofitting existing truck platforms with new, green and intelligent technology.

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EFL302 EP Equipment EFL302

Lifting capacity, kg:
3000 kg
Lifting height, mm:
4500 mm

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