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Purchase of forklifts

Do you want to sell the forklift ? Get in touch with us!

  • - we offer the best price in the market,
  • - arrange transport.

Or maybe you need another forklift? UAB SEMINGA offers a cost effective solution for  handling fleet renewal – „Trade in“ . It's an old truck to exchange to a new one, by coaching the price difference. Using this system, customers receive a number of benefits: renewed forklift‘s fleet, the old truck is being used as a means of payment, the purchase of a new truck. The updated loading equipment fleet allows to speed up the loading operations, reduce operating costs and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Ask for the sale of the forklift  or his change, you can:

- calling on the phone: +370 659 28840
- write: seminga@krautuvas.lt
Or fill out the form below:!

Looking for the best oofer? Need an advice? Have questions?